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7 Most Influential People in Indonesian Politics by Kamaruzzaman Bustamam Ahmad (2022)


This book explains Indonesia’s seven most influential political figures in the contemporary era. The seven names were chosen based on their political power and position in power today. Some are party leaders, presidents, governors, and retired military officers.

They are such coloring political news in Indonesia; their names cannot be ignored, even on specific issues. For example, Megawati, Chairperson of the PDIP Party, has significant political power in Indonesia. Currently, the party led by Megawati is a political  force along with the coalition they have built in the parliament.

Meanwhile, Jokowi, whom PDIP also supports, is the president of Indonesia and has been in power for two terms. As a president from the Javanese tribe, he was able to last almost two terms because, in 2024, Indonesia will elect a new president.

During his tenure, Jokowi has succeeded in building various infrastructures in this country, making Jokowi very popular among Indonesian people, especially in the country’s eastern region. Jokowi also succeeded in bringing his son to become one of the mayors in Central Java.

Surya Paloh’s name as Chairman of the National Democratic Party is influential in Indonesian politics. His role of always carrying a political figure without asking for a “political dowry” is the hallmark of Surya Paloh’s figure. This businessman from Aceh is quite respected, both by his friends and political rivals.

National leaders and national political scientists have great respect for the figure of Surya Paloh. Because of this, the political situation in Indonesia is somewhat colored by the work of Surya Paloh, who is also the head of one of the leading media in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan is a super strong person in Indonesia. He was a minister during Jokowi’s presidency. The business network is quite strong. He also has extreme political  bargaining power. Luhut’s influence is highly controversial under Jokowi’s leadership. Currently, he is also promoting his son on the military career ladder in the Indonesian Army.

Furthermore, AM Hendropriyono is one of the former heads of Indonesian Intelligence, who is quite close to Megawati. He is also a person who is quite close to Jokowi. Hendropriyono’s role cannot be ruled out, especially for various intelligence operations, to secure Jokowi’s leadership.

Hendropriyono, even though he has started to get sick, his effects cannot be ignored at all. He also succeeded in helping his son-in-law Andika Perkasa become the TNI Commander. His son was also quite close to republican power.

Two political figures may play an essential role in the political situation in Indonesia. The first is Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, son of the former president of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. In addition to the older generation who are quite influential on the Indonesian political stage. Agus is also the chairman of the Democratic Party, one of the parties that will enliven the elections in 2024. Agus’ figure, who is still very young, certainly has opportunities and hopes for a political career in the future.

The second one is Anies Baswedan. The figure of the governor of Jakarta is indeed a Muslim intellectual who entered politics when he was promoted to be a candidate for governor of Jakarta to fight Basuki Tjahja Purnama (Ahok). He is currently predicted to enter the Indonesian presidential candidate exchange in 2024.

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Thus seven critical figures are quite influential in the political arena in Indonesia. This book attempts to describe their role and role in political life in Indonesia.

You can read this book through this link.

Kamaruzzaman Bustamam Ahmad

Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad (KBA) has followed his curiosity throughout life, which has carried him into the fields of Sociology of Anthropology of Religion in Southeast Asia, Islamic Studies, Sufism, Cosmology, and Security, Geostrategy, Terrorism, and Geopolitics. KBA is the author of over 30 books and 50 academic and professional journal articles and book chapters. His academic training is in social anthropology at La Trobe University, Islamic Political Science at the University of Malaya, and Islamic Legal Studies at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. He received many fellowships: Asian Public Intellectual (The Nippon Foundation), IVLP (American Government), Young Muslim Intellectual (Japan Foundation), and Islamic Studies from Within (Rockefeller Foundation). He is based in Banda Aceh and can be reached at ceninnets@yahoo.com.au

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