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How a Woman’s Leadership Can Conquer the Hearts of a Global Society: A Lesson Learned from Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister

In this essay, I would like to answer why Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern conquered the global community’s hearts as the Prime Minister of New Zealand at a very young age. Today, Jacinda has captured the hearts of the international community with her leadership style, which is genuinely coveted in every part of the world.

Jacinda is a woman leader who is sensitive to the circumstances faced by countries and global societies. She can make strategic decisions for New Zealand’s influence on the worldwide scene through her power. When I read Jacinda’s figure, it reminds me of Margaret Hilda Thatcher’s female prime minister of England. She is known as the most resolute and decisive female leader during the reign of the British people.

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Leadership models that use reason and heart are somewhat challenging in today’s global governance era. Many leaders have an excellent image abroad, but he is not well-liked at home by most people. There is also the opposite. He is highly respected in his country but cannot win the hearts of the global community. While abroad, he was not taken into account by worldwide leadership and sometimes even became part of worldwide ridicule. There is also a leadership model that, with its presence, seems to strike a terror of death for its people.

Jacinda emerged at a young age and departed from the world of activists, and devoted herself to her country as a political figure. Therefore, she does not have the experience to do counterproductive things during his duties as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Then the female figures in a succession process have their own stories of how the party and the figure of Jacinda can win votes in the New Zealand parliament.

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Source: https://www.bbc.com/

The experience of the terrorist attack in New Zealand on March 15, 2019, at the mosque in Christchurch shows how Jacinda’s strategy is to calm New Zealand Muslims’ hearts while respecting the feelings of the New Zealand people. Because of that, Jacinda’s experience of being active in socio-political was able to understand the feelings of the community she was fighting for. Even as she appeared and showed her feelings for terrorist attacks, the international community respected Jacinda’s mass communication strategy. Finally, the “terrorist attack” could not destroy the brotherhood between Muslim and non-Islamic communities in New Zealand.

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Regarding the issue of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, Jacinda also showed concrete steps in understanding the global situation by taking strategic steps, following in the footsteps of countries behind the leadership of the United States. Jacinda’s move is to send non-lethal humanitarian aid and military assistance to the Ukrainian people. In addition, Jacinda also ensures concrete steps in locking the assets of Russian citizens in New Zealand. Jacinda should have taken the steps. Apart from the global situation condemning Putin’s actions against the Ukrainian state, many Ukrainians are currently in New Zealand.

As a female leader, assertiveness and conscience are two things that are pretty challenging to do, especially in critical situations where strategic decisions must be executed immediately. Jacinda realized these two things during her leadership as Prime Minister of New Zealand. I am still hesitant to find a leadership model from a woman in other countries worldwide at such a young age.

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Finally, I want to emphasize that Jacinda’s leadership model must become a “new virus” for women who want to emerge as leaders in their country or even world leaders. Young. Intelligent. Stable emotions. Assertive. Critical. There are few words to describe the figure of Jacinda, who has captured the hearts of the global community.



Kamaruzzaman Bustamam Ahmad

Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad (KBA) has followed his curiosity throughout life, which has carried him into the fields of Sociology of Anthropology of Religion in Southeast Asia, Islamic Studies, Sufism, Cosmology, and Security, Geostrategy, Terrorism, and Geopolitics. KBA is the author of over 30 books and 50 academic and professional journal articles and book chapters. His academic training is in social anthropology at La Trobe University, Islamic Political Science at the University of Malaya, and Islamic Legal Studies at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. He received many fellowships: Asian Public Intellectual (The Nippon Foundation), IVLP (American Government), Young Muslim Intellectual (Japan Foundation), and Islamic Studies from Within (Rockefeller Foundation). He is based in Banda Aceh and can be reached at ceninnets@yahoo.com.au

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