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How much do media owners earn from the case of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo

In the past month, chaos has occurred on social media due to the problem of Inspector General Pol Ferdy Sambo, former Head of the Propam Division of the Republic of Indonesia Police. They seized the energy of Indonesian citizens to follow the news of the shooting incident by Bharada E. against Bharada J.

According to the National Police Chief, the order to shoot Brigadier J came from Ferdy Sambo. In this case, it is interesting to observe how lively the news on social media is about information, especially on the YouTube Channel. I suspect that the media owners get a fortune from this event.

Google Adsense ads that repeatedly appear on the YouTube Channel of private television media can’t be stopped. Not to mention several YouTube channels that collect news snippets uploaded on their channel. News viewers from several YouTube channels reach millions of views.

Similarly, on Tik Tok, it is also undeniable. Massive news about the murder of Brigadier J also appeared on the front screen for Tik Tok users. All of this, of course, provides business opportunities for the owners and users of social media.

The death of Brigadier J brought a blessing to the social media industry in Indonesia. I can say that from the shooting incident on July 7 until mid-August, all news of Brigadier J’s death dominated the news in Indonesia.

Therefore, although news anchors are very critical in their news coverage, they are not only satisfying the public’s right to be informed about Brigadier J’s death but also increasing their company’s revenue figures over the past month.

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The philosophy of bad news being good news in the age of social media is simply unstoppable. All past reports about the actors in the tragedy were released to the public. Children and wives become their daily public consumption for some social media users to earn income from their readers and media viewers.

Here, news ethics to seek sustenance from other people’s disasters or tragedies has not become the basis of ethics in cyberspace. All bad or good news is then directed to satisfy the curiosity of netizens. Thus, diction and vocabulary are no longer significant in the reporting pattern.
Anyone related to this case must be prepared. Their personal life will be reported on social media by netizens.

The problem experienced by Ferdy Sambo is a legal issue. However, because this issue is compassionate, concerning the good name of the Indonesian National Police, the public wants to escort this issue to the courtroom.

Whatever was done by Ferdy Sambo and his team involved, of course, cannot be accepted by the public in this republic. If later proven in court, then this is one of the crimes that are pretty difficult to forget by the people of Indonesia.

Muchdi is related to the death of a human rights figure in Indonesia, Munir. When this tragedy struck this republic, at that time, there were no social media. In this republic, several times, high-ranking military or police have encountered legal problems.

Munir’s news garnered international attention. People often wait for news from newspapers, tabloids, and magazines. Although there is a perpetrator who is put in prison, the conscience of justice for Munir’s death has not been fully revealed to this day.

Kamaruzzaman Bustamam Ahmad

Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad (KBA) has followed his curiosity throughout life, which has carried him into the fields of Sociology of Anthropology of Religion in Southeast Asia, Islamic Studies, Sufism, Cosmology, and Security, Geostrategy, Terrorism, and Geopolitics. KBA is the author of over 30 books and 50 academic and professional journal articles and book chapters. His academic training is in social anthropology at La Trobe University, Islamic Political Science at the University of Malaya, and Islamic Legal Studies at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. He received many fellowships: Asian Public Intellectual (The Nippon Foundation), IVLP (American Government), Young Muslim Intellectual (Japan Foundation), and Islamic Studies from Within (Rockefeller Foundation). He is based in Banda Aceh and can be reached at ceninnets@yahoo.com.au

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